Small Group Tutoring

A small group setting consists of two students and the instructor. This is
effective for those who work well with others or for those who may need help
in social areas.

                        One-on-One Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring is a method that is effective for those who will need
consistent instruction in a private setting. Only the teacher and student would
be a part of the sessions to guarantee improvement.

                                      Summer Program

We offer a six-week summer program. This program is for children 7-17 years
old. The summer program includes Math, English, Science,Reading, Field
Trips Art and Music.

                              SAT, ACT, TAKS And GED Prep.

Tutoring in these courses are on an one-on-one basis. This is to ensure quality
preparation for the upcoming assessment test.

                                Internet Tutoring

Internet Tutoring makes full use of Internet communication technology. Online
tutoring can provide interactive, personalized instruction tailored to the specific
learning needs of a child, helping build the skills necessary to excel in school
from the convenience and safety of home.

                                           In-Home Tutoring

Our in-home tutoring provides one-on-one tutoring in all subjects for students
of all ages and backgrounds.  

We help students achieve academic success by providing them with the kind of
close, personalized attention that is often so hard to come by in a regular
classroom setting. And to make your life easier, we'll even come right over to
your home, at a time that is convenient for you.  


 Parent Homework Help Workshops

We offer Parent Homework Help Workshop three times a year.

The more homework students complete, especially from grades six to twelve,
the better they do in school, according to research conducted by psychologist
Harris Cooper, Ph.D., James J. Lindsay, Ph.d., and Scorrt Greathouse, PH.D
of the University of Missouri -- Columbian and psychologist Barbara Nye, Ph.
D., of Tennessee State University. The research also demonstrates that
parental attitudes toward homework play an important role in their children's

The Homework Mastery Center(HMC) "Parent Homework Help Workshops"
are designed to help parents help students reinforce key concepts, process and
solidify new information, provide time for extra practice skill, and reflect on
how much they've learned.

Families play a vital role in educating America's children. What families do is
more important to student success than whether they are rich or poor, whether
parents have finished high school or not, or whether children are in
elementary, junior high, or high school.   

But the value of homework extends beyond school. We know that good
assignments, completed successfully, can help children develop wholesome
habits and attitudes. Homework can help parents learn about their children's
education and communicate both with their children and the schools. And it
can encourage a lifelong love of learning.

HMC hope that our Parent Homework Help Workshops can lead parents to
facing the challenges of raising children one step closer to success. Family
involvement in education is crucial if we want our children to succeed in
school and throughout life.



                    Parenting Seminars/Coaching

       We offer Parenting Seminars/Coaching upon request.
     The textbook used in the seminar "Train Up A Child"  was written by
                        our founder.

The seminar topics include the following 1. Children are Imitators, 2. What
children Need Most 3. Seeking Help 4. Discipline 5. Setting Boundaries 6.
Encouraging Your Child 7. Sowing and Reaping 8. Respecting Your Child 9.
Single Parenting 10. Spoiling a Baby. The seminars are presented using small
group format with limited lecture, interactive exercises including group sharing
and problem solving strategies. Parents and caregivers will also receive
instruction in how to advocate for themselves and their children in various
systems (health, education, juvenile justice, to name a few) that exert power
and influence over their lives.

As a result of their participation in the seminar series parents/caregiver will
demonstrate the following:

•        Increased knowledge about effective parenting skills;
•        Strategies to use in improving parent –child relationship
•        Strategies to assist parents in creating values within the home
•        Better understanding of various systems such as education;
•        Skill for self advocacy